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  • Es gibt eine neue Version der StreamDeck Software: 6.5.1

    Hier die News:

    What’s new in Stream Deck 6.5.1?

    ↩️ Folder Auto Exit

    You can now instantly exit a folder after executing an action with Auto Exit. This is great for folders containing actions like sound clips or temporary overlays. Set the time delay from immediately to 1 minute. This setting can be applied to entire folders or individual actions.

    ⏬️ Select Device During Import

    If you have multiple Stream Deck devices, you can now choose which device to apply an imported profile to.

    Updated and refined tray icon

    We have updated the Stream Deck tray icon to match our other Elgato desktop applications. The icon will automatically change depending on whether your system is set to light or dark mode.

    🛠️ Bug fixes & performance improvements

    • Improved compatibility with OBS Studio 30.1 and fixed an issue where OBS Studio 30.1 would crash when removing a source from a scene with the Stream Deck plugin installed
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed the app when using page navigation control
    • Squashed a bug where adding a dial stack or Multi Action from the actions list could crash the app
    • Crushed a bug that caused titles from the plugin sent with ‘setTitle’ to not be applied when a title was predefined in the manifest
    • Eliminated a bug where multiple titles were shown on a key simultaneously.
    • Corsair keyboard G-key integration is working again on macOS.
    • Resolved a bug in the Action list that could cause Stream Deck to crash
    • Resolved a bug where some plugins would become unresponsive
    • Resolved a bug where some plugins would stop working after waking from sleep

    Das Changelog findet ihr hier.

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