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    Irgend etwas ist da im Gange. Ich habe gerde den MSFS über Steam starten wollen.
    Er blieb mehrere Minuten lang bei "Updates werden gesucht" stehen, lud aber während dessen mit voller Bandbreite meiner Internetleitung herunter.
    Da kommen in der Zeit schon ein paar GB zusammen. Keine Ahnung was das war. Vorbereitungen für morgen? :??)

    Kann ich bei mir nicht bestätigen. Hab den Sim soeben abgeworfen - war alles wie immer.

    Aber morgen dann ..... :)

    Und Ruckzuck, hier die Details:

    Game Ready for F1 24 & Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

    This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new games supporting DLSS 3 technology including F1 24, Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, and Serum. Further support for new titles includes the launch of XDefiant which supports NVIDIA Reflex.

    Fixed Gaming Bugs

    Tekken 8 may randomly crash during gameplay on GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards. [4503216]

    • Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition: Lower GPU utilization when Reflex is set to “On + Boost” [4412035]

    Fixed General Bugs

    Blender Cycles: Motion blur renders incorrectly with some GPU architectures [4607411]

    Und hier ausführlicher:

    GeForce Game Ready Driver For EA SPORTS™ F1<sup>Ⓡ</sup> 24 & Senua's Saga: Hellblade II Released: Get The Definitive Experience With DLSS 3 & Reflex
    Game Ready support for Serum and XDefiant is also included, along with support for 11 new G-SYNC Compatible gaming displays, and 4 new Optimal Playable…

    Hier die dazugehörigen News:

    Game Ready for Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

    This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new games supporting DLSS 3 technology including Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. Further support for new titles leveraging NVIDIA DLSS technology includes the launch of Homeworld 3 which supports DLSS Super Resolution.

    Fixed Gaming Bugs

    • Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT: Resizable BAR profile [4597841]

    Und hier die Details:

    Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut GeForce Game Ready Driver Released: Get The Definitive Experience With DLSS 3 & Reflex
    Game Ready support for Homeworld 3, featuring DLSS 2, is also included.

    Hier gibts die NEWS zur aktuellen Version 6.6. des Stream Decks.

    What’s new in Stream Deck 6.6?

    Meet Stream Deck Neo

    With Stream Deck Neo, everyday stuff becomes fast and fun. It’s got eight customizable keys that help you automate tasks and manage your apps. Plus an Infobar set between two Touch Points, so you can tap between different key layouts.

    Working smart has never been this simple:

    • Customizable: Tailor eight shortcut keys to fit your workflows
    • Automate tasks: Make repetitive daily routines fast and fun
    • Control apps: Manage your go-to tools, even when off-screen
    • Easy setup: Drag and drop actions in the free Stream Deck app
    • Sleek design: Made to minimize distractions and inspire creativity
    • Infobar: Displays essential info so it’s always a glance away
    • Touch Points: Tap between pages to reveal more actions
    • Marketplace: Explore thousands of digital community assets
    • Adjustable stand: Go upright or lay it flat with three orientations
    • Easy connect: Control other Neo products with a key press
    • Neo for nature: Made and packaged with less plastic waste

    Learn more about Stream Deck Neo.

    📌 Pinned actions and folders

    Got essential actions or folders that repeat across all your pages? Next time, skip the setup and pin it instead. A pinned action appears on corresponding keys across all pages, as long as it’s unused. When you edit a pinned action, the changes sync automatically across each instance. Of course, you can always overwrite a pinned action by replacing it with another action.

    Select your profile’s pinned page to start adding actions.

    🆕 Page backgrounds

    With a few clicks, set a custom background image that covers every key, like a wallpaper, of a page. Images appear in the backdrop of keys, so you can still layer transparent icons and text over top.

    To start customizing, right-click any key and select Set from file to upload a background image.

    🎨 Default backgrounds

    Once you set a custom background, you can apply it across the entire profile. This means it will appear in all pages and folders, unless it’s overwritten or a background already exists.

    To make a page background the default, right-click any key and select Use current as default.

    🌆 Animated screensavers

    Stepping away from your desk? Now you can set a single animated GIF as your device screensaver. No more wasted time setting up dedicated GIF profiles. Now it’s as easy as a few clicks.

    🪟 Style your standby

    Now you can customize the image that appears when Stream Deck boots up. Called a “Standby Screen,” this image also appears when your device is powered on but disconnected from the Stream Deck app.

    To set your Standby Screen, open Preferences then select the Devices tab. Choose the device you want to customize, then select Advanced.

    🆕 Default profiles

    Each Stream Deck now comes with a default profile, making setup fast and easy out of the box. These profiles include common, essential actions like taking a screenshot, adjusting volume, and opening apps. They also feature links to helpful videos, so beginners can learn the basics of Stream Deck.

    These profiles only display when connecting a new device for the first time.

    🎮 SCUF Envision support

    Now PC gamers can use the 5 macro keys on their SCUF Envision controller with Stream Deck*. Great for controlling livestreams, toggling push-to-talk in Discord, or streamlining in-game hotkeys—all without ever leaving the action.

    *Requires CORSAIR iCUE software

    Learn more about SCUF Envision.

    📖 Page changes

    Managing your pages is easier than ever with these quality-of-life changes:

    • You can now copy and paste entire pages with ease
    • Want to transform a folder into its own page, or vice versa? Just copy and paste your folder as a new page, or copy your page and paste it onto the canvas to turn it into a folder.

    🛠️ Bug fixes and performance improvements

    • We made profile saving more reliable and added automatic backup and recovery in the event of data loss
    • You can once again access network folders, such as “\server\videos”, using the Open action
    • We improved messaging to make it clear that a Marketplace account is required to update plugins
    • Updated the style and color of some views to be consistent with app UI design on Windows

    Hier dazu die Highlights:

    Game Ready for Manor Lords

    This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new games supporting DLSS technology including Manor Lords which features support for DLSS Super Resolution. Further support for new titles includes the launch of No Rest for the Wicked.

    Fixed Gaming Bugs

    PUBG: Game stability issues over extended gameplay on Intel 12th Gen platforms [4030936]

    Fixed General Bugs

    GeForce GTX 10/RTX 20 series: PC may randomly freeze when Windows Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling and NVIDIA SLI are both enabled [4009884]

    • HTC Vive Pro 2: System crash with bugcheck after enabling VR HMD with multi-displays [4119187]

    Hier dazu die Details:

    Manor Lords GeForce Game Ready Driver Released
    Also includes Game Ready support for No Rest for the Wicked.